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If your kids play sports or have a teeth grinding habit at night, they can damage their teeth. Athletic mouthguards and nightguards help lower the risk of injuries or damage by keeping your kids’ teeth well-protected. The dental team at Killeen Family Dentistry offers mouthguards and nightguards to patients in Killeen, Texas, who grind their teeth or play rough sports.

Athletic Mouthguards and Nightguards Q & A

Why do some kids grind their teeth?

The underlying cause of this behavior isn’t fully understood, but it’s common for kids to grind their teeth due to stress. Kids who have problems with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ) might also grind their teeth at night while sleeping.

Why is teeth grinding harmful?

If your kids grind their teeth in their sleep, this can go on night after night before you or another family member becomes aware of it. During this time, your kids might accidentally crack or damage their teeth from all that grinding.

If you notice that your kids grind their teeth or if they complain of jaw pain or similar symptoms in the morning, the dentists at Killeen Family Dentistry should check their teeth for signs of damage and have them get nightguards.

How do nightguards prevent teeth grinding?

Nightguards are custom-made mouthguards that kids wear over their teeth while they’re asleep. These nightguards prevent kids from biting down enough to grind their teeth, which helps reduce the risk of damage. They fit securely, but they’re comfortable enough for kids to wear all night long.

Why do kids need an athletic mouthguard?

Kids who play football, soccer, hockey, or any other sports activities that have a lot of physical contact should wear athletic mouthguards to protect their teeth.

Those athletic activities can quickly knock out teeth, loosen them, crack them, or damage them in other ways. All of that can happen when other players or pieces of equipment hit their teeth.

How comfortable are athletic mouthguards and nightguards?

The dental team at Killeen Family Dentistry will have custom-made mouthguards or nightguards made for your kids.

Having a custom-made mouthguard helps ensure that it fits comfortably in your child's mouth. If your kid complains about discomfort, the dentist can adjust or replace the mouthguard as needed.

Do mouthguards and nightguards need special care?

Athletic mouthguards and nightguards should be cleaned on a regular basis. Doing so prevents germs from building up on them, which could make your kids sick. Your kids’ dentist at Killeen Family Dentistry will provide you with detailed care instructions.

If your kids need nightguards or athletic mouthguards, please contact Killeen Family Dentistry to set up an appointment.