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Having damaged or missing teeth can have a substantial impact on the way you feel about your smile. They can also put you at risk of infections since these areas of your mouth are vulnerable to bacteria. Dental crowns and bridges provide you with a way to protect these areas while also improving your smile. At Killeen Family Dentistry, the dental team offers crowns and bridges to patients in Killeen, Texas, who have missing or damaged teeth.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What are crowns for teeth?

Crowns are coverings that your dentist puts on damaged teeth to restore their normal function and appearance. When you have crowns on damaged teeth, you have more protection from infections and other problems.

Dental crowns are available in different materials, although porcelain and resin are common.

What are bridges for teeth?

Bridges replace missing teeth so that you can talk and chew without feeling self-conscious. Dental bridges are required when you have a missing tooth with healthy teeth on either side.

These bridges are fitted to the remaining teeth on both sides, which serve as anchors. Your dentist reshapes these anchor teeth to prepare them for a bridge.

Why might I need a crown?

Your dentist at Killeen Family Dentistry may recommend getting a crown if you have a tooth that’s damaged, such as a cracked tooth. You might also need a crown for any teeth affected by tooth decay.

If you're getting a bridge, the healthy teeth on both sides will need crowns to hold it in place. These crowns are made to fit comfortably and look as much like your natural teeth as possible.

What happens when I get crowns?

Your teeth need some preparation before crowns can go on them. Your dentist reshapes the affected teeth first to ensure that the crowns fit securely and comfortably.

For severely damaged teeth, you might need some filling placed inside to ensure a proper fit for the crown. You’ll get a temporary crown to wear while an off-site lab manufactures your permanent one from dental impressions.

What happens when I get a bridge?

When you come to Killeen Family Dentistry for a dental bridge, your dentist needs to reshape the teeth that will anchor it. You’ll then have crowns placed on these teeth, and your dentist takes impressions of your natural teeth to have a replacement tooth made.

When your replacement tooth is ready, your dentist sets it in place and attaches it to the teeth on either side.

If you need more information on bridges and crowns, please contact Killeen Family Dentistry to make an appointment.